Does your organization need a microsite for employees?

On hearing the word ‘microsite’, we generally conjure up images of brands and products vying for the attention of their consumers. However, when it comes to organizational behaviour and human resources, microsites have a completely different meaning. While traditionally HR portals have served to dump content and information in one space, microsites are a fresher approach to communicating with employees, and keeping things simple,

5 Myths about Laser hair removal treatment busted.

Tired of constant waxing, threading and shaving body hair of your skin? These methods are tiresome because they must be done repeatedly, and they’re unbearable for many. Now with Laser hair treatment in the picture, there’s hope for less pain and a better alternative to traditional methods. However, there are many myths going around about this technique, here are a few that need to

Cost of destination wedding in Udaipur

As the ultimate destination for wedding, Udaipur is a vision of natural beauty and romance. Grand royal palaces, beautiful lakes and mesmerizing views of mountains makes Udaipur special. Udaipur offers palatial locations, luxurious hotels  and resorts for organizing weddings which may be located at spectacular spot near a lake. ​Let’s explore what are the choices of locations available for wedding ceremony & reception dinner and how much it

10 Pro Household Cleaning Shortcuts

Humans, in general, are naturally inclined to procrastination. And the thought of leaning our rooms, let alone the whole house is enough to make anyone play sick or run away in horror. But then you see all that dust and grime and think about the last time you vacuumed the house. Even if you cleaned your house a week ago, dirt always finds a