On hearing the word ‘microsite’, we generally conjure up images of brands and products vying for the attention of their consumers. However, when it comes to organizational behaviour and human resources, microsites have a completely different meaning. While traditionally HR portals have served to dump content and information in one space, microsites are a fresher approach to communicating with employees, and keeping things simple, easy to understand, and even easier to follow. However, having said that, it is vital to understand whether you need a microsite in the first place, and if so, what purpose can it serve? Here are some ways to determine whether your organization needs a microsite:

1.      Is your microsite a content-dump?

The first way to determine whether you need a microsite is to understand how you plan to use it. As stated previously, many organizations use HR portals to serve as an information hub that is generally overloaded. A microsite is separate from an H.R portal, and uses fewer pages. It also has one specific purpose. For instance, if you want more employees to enrol in organization initiatives, you can have a separate microsite dedicated to the same. This site can provide information about the different initiatives and even allow employees to sign up, making the whole process easy.

2.      Do your employees need a space to reach out?

Many organizations thrive on networking and communication. However, without specific portals for the same, employees are forced to pen email’s and contend with clogged inboxes that make only increase a sense of clutter. If your employees are always encouraged to network, and you want to provide them with a manner that facilitates the same, creating a microsite that can help eliminate additional clutter-creating communication can really do the trick for you. Thus, another way to determine whether you need a microsite is to see whether your employees need a more efficient communication tool than email.

3.      Does your organization continually evolve?

Finally, another factor to consider while considering microsites is to note how quickly and efficiently your organization grows and evolves. If the constant growth is leading to policy changes, alterations in expectations, and general news, then you may need a separate space that is dedicated to announcing the same – like a virtual bulletin board. This will help your employees stay updated with the latest announcements and can prevent any errors on their part occurring due to misalignment with policies.

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