Here we’ve collected 5 (five) of our best ideas, suitable for most women, from girlfriends to mothers alike. Use these overall ideas as an inspiration for your next gift purchase. Here follows our 5 different gifts that will guarantee her happiness.

1. Most women love shoes

When buying a gift for any woman, it’s always a safe choice to buy a pair of new shoes – as long as you understand the one you are buying for. In general most women love shoes, and they often have a lot of them, so spend some time searching for a missing statement piece, or a new daily casual favorite. The reason for women often has many shoes is that the shoes should preferably match the clothes and the various arrangements the woman participates in.

What type of shoes and size do she already use?

When you buy shoes for her, it’s always a good start to look at what size she wears in shoes and what types of shoes she has in the wardrobe in advance. Look especially for what brands in shoes she uses. This way you can easily find the stores that sell similar shoes. It also gives you a better picture of what she prefers, and you therefore have a greater chance of buying shoes that fall well with her.

Cheap or expensive?

Several studies have been conducted that show that women prefer more pairs of cheaper shoes, rather than few expensive shoes. Then the woman has more to choose from for the different occasions. You do not necessarily have to go for the very expensive brands when you buy shoes for her.

2. Give her a piece of jewelry

A personalized jewelry, such as a bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings, is also something most women are happy to have a gift. Here you can look at what jewelry she already uses to find something that fits her style. There are many retailers today on the internet who sell great unique jewelry at great prices.

3. Give her a gift card

For example, it may be a gift card for a delicious brunch, romantic dinner for two, a wellness stay, or a gift card for a weekend stay for two. It gives her the opportunity to have a good experience that she can share with another person.

4. Bouquet of flowers and good wine

In a relationship, it is important to appreciate each other and express love. Why not surprise her with a nice bouquet of flowers and a gift of wine or chocolate that you can share. Flowers, wine and chocolate are something the few women do not like.

5. Concert ticket

Two concert tickets are also one of the better gift ideas, as it gives her the opportunity to come in and listen to her favorite band + she can share the experience with someone else. Concert tickets must usually be booked well in advance, and this also gives you a lot of attention.