A friend has just recommended a perfume, and yes… It smells very good. But while that particular perfume smells good on your friend, it does not produce as great results for you when you try it on. Most of us has had a similar experience to this, and it is completely natural and has to do with our chemcial reactions and build among other things. When you’re looking for the perfect perfume, then it’s important that you try it out yourself.

Perfume smells different on humans

When you are looking for the right fragrance, it is important that you not only go for the fragrances that your friend or friend has recommended. Perfumes smell different in humans, so it is not certain that the fragrance is just as good on you. Therefore, if you need to find the perfect perfume for you, you should try the perfume yourself, so you can decide if it’s a fragrance for you.

How perfume smells at you depends on your skin type. Your skin type is based on an individual chemical composition that you have obtained due to your genes, but also by the way you live. Your skin type is essential for how fragrances in the perfume bind to your skins, and it is also crucial for how fast the perfume evaporates.

There are between 100 and 300 fragrances in a perfume, and your skin type determines how they bind and thus how they smell. If you have dry skin you will, for example, experience the perfume evaporates faster than on a person who has oily skin. Thus, the perfume fragrance is also recognized.

The fragrance should be long-lasting

Apart from the fact that individual perfumes smell different in human beings, the scent also changes over time. Therefore, when you try a perfume, it is important that you let the fragrance sit for a while if you want to take full advantage of the fragrance. It’s also called the sillage.

When a classic perfume is produced, three layers of fragrance – also called fragrance notes – are combined. The fragrance notes that you find in the three layers are available in different shapes. Some fragrance notes are produced artificially, while other fragrances are natural and are extracted from fruits and flowers. If you are sensitive to perfumes, you should be aware that it is the natural fragrance notes that are most allergenic.

The three layers of fragrance notes, have different functions. The first layer – the Topnoten – consists of light fragrance notes, and these fragrances therefore evaporate quickly and can only be smelted for 10 minutes. This is why you shouldn’t buy a perfume that you just sprayed on.

The first fragrance that meets you only holds the first 10 minutes of the medium notes, which you’ll find in layers Two, is also called the heart of smell. This fragrance lasts for up to an hour, depending on the skin type you have. The final layer – the base note – is called the scent’s body, as it is this part of the fragrance that lasts the longest. These fragrance notes can hold up to a day. Therefore, if you want to be absolutely sure of how perfume smells, let the fragrance sit for an hour or so, so you can have the pleasure of all the fragrance layers.

Mild, spicy or sweet?

It is important that you get tried several different perfumes when you need to find the right fragrance. The individual perfumes are very different, and often the individual fragrances are reserved for certain types. If you are, for example, fresh and sporty, a strong and spicy perfume will not be preferable to everyday life. However, go for a light and gentle fragrance that compliments your personality. If you are a real telecommuters, you can easily go for the slightly heavier fragrances, as they fit better into this framework.

When you try the different perfumes, you need to think about what the smell symbolizes. The mild scents show that you do not want to smell violently of perfumes. The mild fragrances are therefore more natural and make you look fresh and letsindet. The spicy perfumes, however, are more prominent and you want people to notice the fragrance if you choose such a perfume. Often, a spicy perfume will dress most for an evening event or a party.

The most important thing, of course, is that you love the fragrance. Try your way and ask the store for help. Don’t just buy the perfumes that have been mentioned in the magazines, but smell yourself rather than the perfume that’s right for you.