If you’re hiring workers that are working on an hourly basis, you know the need for having a timesheet to track the number of hours they work to calculate their pay, and how much of a pain it can be to maintain it. These timesheets require your attention on a regular basis, tracking each employees’ work, status and overtime hours, not to mention the hours wasted on compiling all the data in it at the end of the month to make paychecks for your employees. If only this process were automated, you think. Like maybe in a timesheet app.

If you haven’t heard about Boomr and their awesome timesheet app, then you need to keep reading below.

A little about Boomr’s mobile timesheet app

As you can guess from the title, Boomr is a mobile timesheet app, but not just your average run-of-the-mill timesheet app, Boomr is the real deal. More than an app that just works on one computer and is painstakingly maintained by one person (you) only, Boomr can be called a timesheet platform, where your employees check in and out on the app on their phones (be they Android or iPhone), feeding data in real time to a master computer (yours) and storing it in a convenient way. All you have to do is monitor and approve.

Some of Boomr’s impressive features

When you consider its features, Boomr is a pretty solid deal. Besides tracking work hours as stated before, you can also judge each’s performance by tracking the amount of time they take on breaks, the amount of work they complete in one day, and how much they work overtime, all in real time, to accurately draw their paycheck according to their work. And remember the hassle of compiling all the data at the end of the month? Well, Boomr has you covered there too. At the end of the month, you can easily generate each employee’s payment with just a few clicks. Even though I’m repeating myself, it is as simple as that: All you have to do is monitor and approve.

Where can their timesheet app help you?

Boomr was designed to work with every business, be it big or small, be it one manages construction crews, accounting firms, law firms, creative agencies, etc, it doesn’t matter. Boomr timesheet management can do the job. Even if you don’t hire employees on an hourly rate, giving them a fixed salary instead, Boomr will still help you track their timesheets and work performance and let you decide whether an employee deserves a raise or needs to be let go. So you see, if you run a business that hires people (which technically implies any business), Boomr is bound to be of use to you.

Why you need to consider getting Boomr’s timesheet app

To be up front, Boomr isn’t a free service. But, you can use their mobile timesheet app free for 30 days. After all, not many quality products are free and often you’ll find that free stuff is actually expensive to your bottom line. But when it comes down to whether it’s worth what you pay for it, we’d say using Boomr’s timesheet app is worth every single penny, even though it is very, very affordable. You save SO MUCH time and money with Boomr as your go-to mobile timesheet app, and the whole process is way more efficient.

Our advice? Get it. It’s only a few bucks a month and you’ll get ROI out of the box. Try their free trial for 30 days. We guarantee you’d be willing to pay for the full premium service once you’ve had “the Boomr experience.” Timesheets will never be any easier for you than when using Boomr.