A website is a great way to build a passive income-and there are many professional programmers and marketers who do so already. It is a popular way to create some extra money, while still working a real job, and therefore many of the websites that are available on the places to buy and sell websites are of a type where they don’t require a full-time dedication for success.

Still, before you buy your first established website, you should know a few things, so today we’re going over some of the different things you should know and be aware of before selling or buying websites online:

Affiliate Sites

Price comparison, Quote requests, Amazon KDP sites, and much more. All of these things has to do with referring customers from your site to a store or website that sells a product, which you then get a commission from.


Platforms that connect people with interests in each other, such as buying/selling different things, dating sites, communicating events and stuff like that, we see very many of. From craigslist to eBay, buying a platform site can be a good way of getting a large user base in a specific market.


Forums, communities and niche sites dealing with different themes such as movies or pets are also very popular and not without reason. These sites can be a great lead generator if you have a company that sells products related to what the site is about, and a good way of keeping in the loop with what customers want.

There are different motives for buying a website. Whatever your subject matter, there are a number of things you need to keep an eye on to be able to assess whether it’s a good business you’re buying:


Of course, you need to know how many visitors the site has, but it is even more important to find out where the traffic is coming from. It’s easy to buy too many visitors via Adwords or Facebook, and at too high prices, which is why people treasure sites with good amounts of organic (free) traffic, as they are low in upkeep and provide good return on investment.


There will always be hosting costs, but keep an eye on the cost of advertising and other unrelated costs. Typically, websites are very cost-effective as they are usually only operated by a person and there is no cost of physical storage or unit space.

So, to sum up, if you have an online store that sells pet accessories, it can make a lot of sense to buy a pet-related forum because you buy access to lots of potential customers. In that situation, it may well be lucrative for you, to pay more for the site than it is really worth, since the traffic in your control is much more valuable than otherwise.