It has never been safer to shop online than today. And it’s never easier to shop online. It is well, therefore, that online trading is growing tremendously year by year. Both in retail, but also in the rest of Europe and the world.

But the fierce growth of the online trade is making new demands on companies. retail companies in particular are badly affected by the fact that the world is getting smaller and smaller. Because, as Europe is just around the corner and Asia and America have come close, it is moving a lot of trade out of retail.

For the retail companies have very hard to compete with the foreign. This is mainly due to the fact that the prices of the goods are usually lower in the other countries. The savings are often quite significant, but you have the same rights as if you were trading in a retail webshop. It also has to do with the fact that SEO and PPC campaigns bring in people for cheap prices, allowing stores to sell products cheaper as they don’t have to pay rent and so on.

As a result, more and more people are starting to act in other EU countries. In particular, Germany, Sweden and England are among the countries where there are big shoppes. In particular clothing, books, shoes and footwear, CD’s, DVD movies, electronics, cosmetics, perfumes, tools, furniture and chairs etc. are among the product groups that are most often purchased abroad.

How retail webshops should ensure that the trade takes place in retail is difficult to say, but something has to be done if not all retail web shops leave the country. It is simply impossible to compete with another country and it costs.

As a consumer, you have never been better off, and you can therefore be indifferent to where the company is located, as long as the company abides by the rules in force in the EU. So you can safely shop online, but remember to shop in the EU if you want to avoid customs, VAT and fees, and if you want the best rights.

And especially in one area things have been going well. Since smartphone covers dropped in cost, a number of successful companies have started on the wave of iPhone covers, and are now earning respectable incomes based on the most popular phone accessory ever.

There is no type of cover you can’t buy for phones today, from gilded gold ones to crystal and diamond ones, to covers made by artists worth thousands of dollars. But for the average consumer, a beautiful phone back cover design does not have to be expensive. Provcases, a website that sells phone covers among other things told us to be aware of these things:

  • There is a big difference between the quality of the different covers
  • Prices vary from dealer to retailer
  • Remember to check the price of delivery as this can be expensive compared to the cover
  • If you want to design yourself, it can also be done but it often costs more
  • With these four mnemonics you are a good step closer to the cover that suits you best.

There are several dealers who can fulfill all four things or just a few of them, so shop around!