Unfortunately, there are more and more people who experience being hacked, and that does not suggest that this figure will fall in the future. Equally important for a company to manage master data, it is equally important to protect your computer from hackers.

The main rule number one is to always make a backup of your computer so that you do not lose your data. To avoid being hacked, there are many easy ways to secure your computer, and we have collected them for you in this article.

Update your applications

On your computer, you probably have a lot of programs, and it’s very important to be aware of when an update has been released for them. Hackers keep an eye on security vulnerabilities that they can use to access your computer. Therefore, always to update your programs, operating systems, and apps so that you don’t get unnecessary visitors to visit.

Prevent open wireless networks

Cafés, restaurants and shopping centers almost always offer an open network, and here you must be careful if it is not protected. If it is not protected and you are connected to the network while surfing the web, the hackers can at the same time collect your data and including passwords. As a starting point, you can’t actually see whether the network is safe to go on, so it is always a good idea to ask those who are providing the network if they have protected it. Another good mnemonic is also to turn off your network if you don’t use it. This way you ensure You that you do not join a network without realizing it.

Download antivirus program

You’ve certainly heard it before, but an antivirus program is very important to have on your computer. The program tells you when it is a threat to your computer. There are a multitude of versions, and this year there is a test on selected popular antivirus software that shows which programs work best. A good thumb finder rule is that the antivirus program should include spam filtering, antiphishing, antispyware and firewall.

Use good and different passwords

When it comes to passwords, we tend to have 3-4, which we constantly change. This is really dangerous, because if an attacker gets your fingers in your email password and is also the same for your Facebook profile, there is a great chance that it will also be hacked. So be creative when you need to make passwords. Use both upper and lower case letters and numbers that make it harder for hackers to figure out, and the longer it is, the better. It is also important that when you stream or record your computers desktop to the world, that you have some security in place to hide sensitive data, for instance on Facebook Live, on Twitch.tv or similar services where audiences might wish to penetrate your system if you give them the chance.

Beware of links

If you’ve received an email containing a link, you’ll need to consider one more time if it’s safe to click. Always check if the sender is reliable and make sure that the mail does not work unprofessional i.e., there are misspellings, formal uncertainties etc., it is less credible and thus it is categorized as dangerous. If you receive an email that requires your personal data before you can access the website or file, you should be careful. Once you have entered your data, it is already the country of the hackers and they can now misuse your personal data.

Encrypt your money online

For those of you who store some sensitive software like bitcoin wallets on your PC we would recommend to transfer your coins into more secure wallet, create a new wallet with a fresh e-mail and transfer your bitcoins there using mixing process on https://bitcoinmix.org, this mixing service will hide the trail of your transaction and nobody will find out the way to your new bitcoin address.

Always use common sense

When you are on the Internet, you should generally remember to use your common sense. For example, you receive a An ad on which you can win a whole lot of money, or an email about a good deal on an expensive product, it seems a little too good to be true. So make sure to always take the critical glasses when you receive emails or see something that just might have a slight suspicion about them.

With this wizard, you’ll be able to easily prevent hackers from getting to your computer just how much of your information is. As long as you’re critical, it’s not dangerous to be on the web.