Buying a new car is a big decision especially for those who belong to a middle-class family. You can’t just go to a car showroom and pick any car of your choice. There are various things that  you have to consider before purchasing a new car.

Many people unwillingly fall in the trap of dealers and commit the silly mistakes while buying a new car. Here are some points on which you should consider when planning to buy a new car so that you may avoid those mistakes and save your money from the false trap of car dealers.

  • New or Used Car

Buying a new or a second-hand used car depends on you and your financial condition. A brand new car will cost more and you will get the same used car at half the price of the market value of a new car. Think of your purpose of buying a car. If you have started your new job and your office location is far away, then the old one is the best choice to purchase and to meet your office requirements. Once you are settled in your job and your income increases, then you can buy a brand new car, but for your initial days, a second-hand car is a good option.

  • Buy or Lease

Purchasing is dependably a superior deal as you can get long periods of services from a vehicle after it is purchased. On the other hand, if you lease you will dependably be making car installments. When you purchase a car, you know precisely what the cost is. Lease terms, be that as it may, are befuddling and it can be difficult to tell precisely what you’re paying for in intrigue and charges versus the vehicle itself. Think about who benefits when the consumer is confounded? Except if you have imposed purposes behind renting—possibly you’re an entrepreneur who can deduct the installments-you’re in an ideal situation purchasing, but for the same regular scheduled installment, you can get a better car if you get it on a lease.

  • Price Negotiation

Once you have decided to buy a new car, the next big step is its price and financing. Surf the Internet to find what is a good credit score to buy a car and to know the ways to avail car financing loans. Talk to the dealer about the car’s price and negotiate the discounted price before disclosing to the dealer that you are buying the car on loan.

  • Monthly Car Installments

If you are purchasing your car on EMI, try to set the least duration of installment months. The least the monthly duration is, the best the loan interest rate will be.


If you are getting a fair deal from your car dealer, purchase your car without making any more delays, and if you are thinking about buying your car on loan, then try a credit union. Credit Unions are much easier to join and they offer a lower interest rate than a bank. Do your proper research, and only buy or lease a car.