If you can’t afford a full-blown kitchen renovation at the moment, consider doing a little refresh. There’s something you can do to improve the space, even if you have a $100 or $10,000 budget. You can replace light fixtures, install new benchtops, or fit new appliances. Update a few components without reconfiguring the layout. It’s challenging because you need to know what to prioritise and what to do your space using only the money you have.

Don’t fret, we’re here to help. Here’s how budget-friendly kitchen makeovers look like:

Have $100?

Change your wall colour. Measure the area that needs to be painted. Kitchens generally have limited wall spaces around and between cabinets and appliances. Purchase a few cans of paint that’s enough to cover everything. Include a few basic painting supplies in your cart as well.

You’ll save money if you will do the painting yourself. If you still have some cash left, spend it on a few identical frames. Slide in your favourite photos or art in the ready-made frame and hang it on your wall.

How about $300?

Change the wall colour, hang new art print, then replace the old light fixture. It will make a huge difference! There are lots of affordable lighting options out there, just be patient on canvassing from different stores and ecommerce websites. Your $300 should be enough to cover the replacement of old light bulbs of for a few pendant lights over the island/dining table.

What can $500 do?

Include building open shelves to the plan. If your upper kitchen cabinets looks like they’re retiring, take them down and replace them with open shelves. This will make your kitchen more spacious and breathable. Plus, it’s easier and faster to build. You can DIY this if you’re handy. Get help from a local carpenter if needed. After all the construction, coat the walls with paint and start organising your kitchen stuff on the shelves.   

Where will $700 take me?

After building open shelves, painting the walls, updating the light fixtures, consider replacing your old taps. Tapwares cost vary depending on the style and where you buy them. We recommend looking for these treasures in yard sales or buying them from stores when discounted.

What can we do with $1,000?

If you can stretch your previous budget with a few hundred dollars, you can splash out on a new sink that goes with the tapware. Purchase a style that’s not too different from the old one. Make sure the new sink fits perfectly into the cabinetry and benchtop, or else you’ll pay additional installation costs.

How about $1,500?

With this amount of money, you can own brand new kitchen cabinets. You can buy the affordable, ready-made cabinets in home improvement stores. If your cabinets are still in good condition, you can repaint them, give the door surfaces a new finish, and remove/replace the knobs/pulls. You can also replace the cabinet doors, or consider replacing your old wooden windows with some more modern ones for a completely new look and a much better light scheme.

Is $5,000 good enough?

Yes! This will enable you to make big-ticket changes in your kitchen. You can replace the old benchtop with a new one. Look for durable materials that fit your budget. For instance, it’s not wise to go for expensive marble if you can’t afford it at the moment. Look for more affordable alternatives.

What can I do for $10,000?

After a new coat of paint, lighting, cabinets, sink, tapware, and benchtops… what else? If the budget permits, purchase new appliances. Select models that fit in the space allotted to avoid surprise costs.

So tell me…

How much are you willing to spend on a kitchen makeover? What do you want to update?