All women love shoes, right? Well, there are plenty of choices you can make regarding shoes, but probably one of the most popular choices includes pumps.

They are amazingly feminine and they can be worn on many occasions. Moreover, you will be able to find pumps in all shapes, sizes and colors. If you are wondering what to wear with pumps, you should know that you have plenty of choices. Skirts, dresses, pants and even jeans go great with pumps.

What to wear with pumps in order to create a feminine trendy outfit

So, maybe we should start with dresses. The great thing about pumps and dresses is that all the dresses go great with a pair of pumps. You can choose a long, a medium or a mini dress and wear it with pumps.

The height and the shape of the pumps are of course very important and this should depend on where you will wear the dress. At work, the best choice is a dress of a medium length and a pair of pumps with heels that are not too high.

You can also choose a pair of pants to wear at work or a skirt. You can combine a pair of colored pumps with a shirt of the same color. But, stay away from very strong, powerful colors, at work is best to choose pale ones.

Outside of the office, you can wear the pumps with pretty much anything. And if you like high heels you can go crazy in the evening. Pumps are great with a mini skirt for a night clubbing. They are also great with a long dress, if you will be attending a gala. Although for such an occasion, we do recommend a pair of stilettos and an evening dress for a better look.

There are women who wonder what to wear with pumps, but as you can see the answer is not too difficult. Pretty much anything goes, but you have to take into account what kind of event you will be attending. And although the black shoes are the most popular, do not be shy, try and choose a different color, such as nude or blue. They are also very easily to match.

No matter what types of pumps you choose, make sure to combine them in a style that suits you and makes you feel good when you walk out the door.