With the recent evolution in the technology industries, consumers now have some questions to be answered before concluding whether to opt for a laptop or a tablet.  Some years before now, it has not always been like that because there is an extensively far difference between the two gadgets that were previously available then; a desktop and a laptop. Nowadays, users are no longer limited to the selection between a desktop and a laptop right from the evolvement of the third option which is generally recognized as a Tablet.

Similarly, knowing the right gadget to go for sometimes can be difficult and overwhelming for users unless they have a thorough comparison between the two gadgets (a tablet and a laptop) based on some criterions taking into consideration.

A laptop is widely identified as a mobile computer (personal computer) with which you can execute every task that are available on a desktop. The major difference between both is the mobility and flexibility experience associated with the use of a laptop.

Tablets, on the other hand, are practically portable and extremely easy to move with. However, their computing power is limited and they do not possess the processing power of a laptop. In addition, tablets are explored in a variety of special careers.

Both tablets and laptops offer almost the same features. Therefore, deciding which one to go for will be based definitely upon the tasks you wish to perform with the device. Reading this guide will be helpful when deciding which one to go for.

  • Performance

First of all, the tasks you wish to perform with the device will be relevant in making the decision.  Laptops possess high-powered processors, and because of that, tablets will certainly set some drawbacks when executing computing activities. Multitasks is much easier with a laptop especially when working on researches or complex projects. But, a tablet would be much suited for tasks like playing audio or video, reading news and books, normal web browsing and the likes.

  • Price

It is generally know that Laptops are more expensive than tablets. But the fact is that the price depends a lot on the kind of laptop and tablet you are putting into comparison. In short, the best laptop will cost you more. The amount you are interested in spending will make you choose which one to head for.

  • Battery Life

Tablets will always last longer because of their small size and the limited power requirements needed to power both their hardwares and softwares. Despite the large size of laptops’ battery, it still won’t be able to power for a long time because of their powerful hardwares, big screens, huge files, etc. So keep in mind the make and specifications of the battery of a laptop, especially if you’re planning to use it together with a projector for a prolonged period of time.

  • Storage capacity

 One good thing to take into consideration while deciding whether to go for a laptop or a tablet is the memory size that might fit your need. If you are the type that works with large data and document size, then choosing a laptop might be a good option. Most tablets barely allow   16 to 128GB (gig) of storage. While laptops take as large as you could need.

  • Portability

Choosing a tablet might be a preferable choice here. Tablets possess a high degree of portability. The use of a tablet does not hinder you mobility at all.